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Yo! My name is Adam and this is my cool new auto blog. I live with my parents in the suburbs of Sydney. It might not seem pretty cool living with your parents, but I am planning to move out soon. One massive advantage of living with my parents is that I can save a lot of money to invest in my new car. As well as the extra money in my pocket, I also benefit from lots of advice from my dad who is an auto mechanic. He has helped me to fine-tune and to add accessorises to my auto so it looks really ace.


Adam's Cool New Auto Blog

  • Four Tips for Saving Money and Preserving Long Term Value When Getting Your Car Serviced

    4 June 2017

    Car service is a necessity if you want to avoid unexpected breakdowns and ensure your car stays in great condition. However, the costs can add up. If you want to save money on car service, check out these tips: 1. Make Sure to Follow Manufacturer's Service Recommendations Ideally, you should always follow the manufacturer's recommendations on how often you need service, but from a financial perspective, you should certainly follow these recommendations when the vehicle is under warranty.

  • Yes, You Can Save Real Money on a Rental Car

    28 May 2017

    When planning a business trip or holiday, you may find that a rental car is one of the most expensive parts of that trip, sometimes even costing as much as your hotel! However, there are some ways to cut down on that expense and save real money on a car rental; note a few of those methods here, so you can use them on your next holiday. Consider off-brands When you decide to rent a car, you may notice that the most popular brands are always listed first for any category of vehicle; however, don't assume that those well-known brands are the only reliable and comfortable brands available.

  • How to Make Your Vehicle's Transmission Last As Long As Possible

    28 May 2017

    Your car's transmission system is just as important as the engine and any other part under the hood; after all, if the transmission fails, the gears may lock up or get stuck in neutral, so the engine can be running fine but the car still isn't going anywhere! While the transmission is vitally important, not every car or truck owner takes good care of it, often because they simply don't know how to maintain it properly.

  • Fuel Consumption | 3 Sharp Guidelines To Spend Less On Petrol On Your Low-Budget Road Trip

    13 September 2016

    If you're planning a low-budget road trip, you need to find ways to spend the least amount of money on petrol. According to the Australian Institute of Petroleum, nearly20 percent of petrol is imported into the country from South Korea and Singapore. The final price is eventually determined by factoring Singapore benchmark petrol prices, shipping costs and local taxes, which can end up burning a hole in your pocket. Follow these sharp guidelines to spend less on petrol.