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Yo! My name is Adam and this is my cool new auto blog. I live with my parents in the suburbs of Sydney. It might not seem pretty cool living with your parents, but I am planning to move out soon. One massive advantage of living with my parents is that I can save a lot of money to invest in my new car. As well as the extra money in my pocket, I also benefit from lots of advice from my dad who is an auto mechanic. He has helped me to fine-tune and to add accessorises to my auto so it looks really ace.


Adam's Cool New Auto Blog

Four Tips for Saving Money and Preserving Long Term Value When Getting Your Car Serviced

Sherri Craig

Car service is a necessity if you want to avoid unexpected breakdowns and ensure your car stays in great condition. However, the costs can add up. If you want to save money on car service, check out these tips:

1. Make Sure to Follow Manufacturer's Service Recommendations

Ideally, you should always follow the manufacturer's recommendations on how often you need service, but from a financial perspective, you should certainly follow these recommendations when the vehicle is under warranty. Some warranties suspend your right to make a claim if you don't bring the car in for regularly scheduled maintenance.

Your warranty can be a financial safety net if anything goes wrong with the car. Although the service appointments cost money up front, they save you money down the line if a part malfunctions and needs to be replaced.

2. Shop Around for the Best Deal

Many Australians believe that if their vehicle is under warranty, they must bring the vehicle to the dealership to be serviced. However, this is not true. According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, car companies don't have the right to restrict vehicle owners from taking their vehicles to independent mechanics.

That means you don't necessarily have to take your car to the dealership to be serviced. You may want to call around and get a few quotes from independent mechanics or car service professionals.

3. Remember to Focus on Quality

However, it isn't necessarily the best idea to choose the cheapest service, without taking quality and experience into account. If you have a warranty, your warranty may be voided if you turn to an untrained mechanic or one who uses subpar parts.

Talk with the car service professional about what they look at in an annual checkup, and ask about which brands they use when topping up your fluids. To make the most of your expense, you need to ensure that you are getting the quality of service and products your vehicle needs.

In terms of preserving the long-term value of your car, you may want to take notes about the service received and any parts replaced. That can help you secure a better price when you are selling the vehicle down the line.

4. Consider Buying Your Own Parts

If you need to have anything from a radiator filter to the brake pads replaced, you may want to ask what the garage is charging for parts. Then, you may want to see if you can find comparable parts for a cheaper price online. Some garages will allow you to bring your own parts, and that can help you save money.