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Yo! My name is Adam and this is my cool new auto blog. I live with my parents in the suburbs of Sydney. It might not seem pretty cool living with your parents, but I am planning to move out soon. One massive advantage of living with my parents is that I can save a lot of money to invest in my new car. As well as the extra money in my pocket, I also benefit from lots of advice from my dad who is an auto mechanic. He has helped me to fine-tune and to add accessorises to my auto so it looks really ace.


Adam's Cool New Auto Blog

Understanding What is Included in Marine Diesel Service and Maintenance

Sherri Craig

Marine diesel engines require maintenance and upkeep. In some cases, they may require more upkeep than a traditional motor or engine would. With this in mind, you need to make sure you find professional marine diesel services. You also need to make sure you understand what is generally part of a marine diesel servicing and maintenance. Here are some of the key points and what you need to understand about them. 

Cylinder Head Assembly

One of the key areas included during the diesel service deals with the cylinder head assembly. This area of the engine can develop debris as well as oil build up. This type of buildup can lead to issues with how the engine functions. It can also cause a breakdown of the entire engine, overheating, and even a seizing of the engine. Your service technician will remove any debris and buildup, clean the cylinder head assembly, and make sure fresh lubricant is used. This will ensure that the cylinder head assembly is not in danger of overheating. 

Replacing Rings

There are several rings that are used throughout a diesel engine. Specifically, you will find several rings used alongside the pistons. Over time the working of the pistons can cause a breakdown of the rings. This is because the rings are generally made of a rubber or silicone material. When the breakdown begins to happen, you will start to notice an issue with the overall performance of the engine. For this reason, the rings are replaced during the servicing appointment. 

Inspection of the Engine

The final step your service technician will take is to inspect the engine. They are looking for the level of wear and tear on the engine and all of the working parts. If there are any serious issues or problems that could lead to serious issues, your technician will tell you. You can choose to have them repaired or replaced at this time or schedule an appointment for a later time. 

Make sure to find a marine diesel service provider that is near your docking area. This will make it easier to get the maintenance you need when you need it. It will also help you check on and stick to a routine schedule so you do not encounter issues with your engine between loads. If you have any questions about your specific engine, ask the service provider during your first service appointment. They can answer your questions and help with any other concerns you have.