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Adam's Cool New Auto Blog

Common 4WD Suspension Problems You Should Know About

Sherri Craig

The suspension system on your 4X4 vehicle is arguably one of the most critical components. It ensures that your car can carry a significant load but still maneuver around corners quickly. Further, the suspension allows your 4WD vehicle to navigate through extreme terrain and protects other components and luggage from excessive vibrations or shock. As such, knowing when your suspension needs a checkup is imperative. You do not want to wait too long, because you risk needing to replace the entire suspension system, which would set you back financially. This article gives a glimpse of the most common problems that the 4WD suspension is prone to.

Bent Shock Shaft -- As the name suggests, a shock shaft is part of the suspension system, and its function is to absorb any vibrations from the wheel before they reach the vehicle. When you notice chassis vibrations or you experience a stiff ride, then these are signs of loss of shock travel. If the bend is severe, the vehicle will vibrate even more, especially when maneuvering through rough terrain. However, it is important to note that experiencing a bent shock shaft is a rare occurrence unless you overload your vehicle by a significant margin. That being said, you could avoid a bent shock shaft by properly loading for correct suspension alignment.

Leaking Shock Seals -- Shock seals have one purpose, that is, to keep the inside of the shocks free from dust and debris. Whenever you come across oil patches on the body of the shocks, this is the first clear sign that your shock seals are leaking. Additionally, if you feel or notice your car leaning on one side, the chances are that the suspension issue is caused by leaking seals. Usually, leaking seals are caused by driving through rocky or muddy terrain for long periods. Overheating of shock shafts and driving through salt water could cause the shape of the seals to alter and malfunction. Nonetheless, a leaking seal can be replaced with ease, and the earlier, the better.

Saggy Leaf Springs -- The leaf spring sets the height of your vehicle in addition to carrying its weight. Over time, the leaf springs will start to sag majorly because of tear and wear. However, if you expose your car to excessive loads, the springs will lose their elasticity quickly. You would notice that your 4X4 car has lost height over time. If your leaf springs become saggy due to either wear or overloading, then replacement is the only option since the springs cannot be repaired.